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Lead Apron Recycling and proper Disposal.

Lead aprons contains of course large quantities of lead and it is dangerous and illegal to put it in the dumpster in most states. The lead apron must be disposed of properly in order to ensure that the lead does not end up in our drinking water.

What kind of aprons we recycle?

B.W. Recycling, Inc recycles all types of lead shields and aprons Medical, Dental, and Veterinarian Lead gowns, Thyroid shields, Lead vests, Breast shields, Lead skirts, Lead lap shields, lead shields, and all other lead shields from all manufacturers including Infab, Trulite, AADCO Medical, Burlington medical, Shinray, Annwah, and all others.

How B.W. Recycling, Inc dispose of the lead aprons

B.W. Recycling, Inc proccess lead aprons, Gounds We actually carefully open the lead aprons and take out the actual lead into designated containers for recycling the lead. The empty aprons is cleaned from remainings of lead and the apron is being recycled as well.
We are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

How to get the lead aprons to for recycling

B.W. Recycling, Inc pick-up all kinds of lead aprons for recycling anywhere in the US, Please see pick-up & recycling fees below:

  • For a box up to 20 lbs, the pick-up & recycling fee is $95.00
  • For a box up to 30 lbs, the pick-up & recycling fee is $125.00
  • For a box up to 40 lbs, the pick-up & recycling fee is $140.00
  • For a box up to 50 lbs, the pick-up & recycling fee is $170.00

How to proceed with the aprons recycling

Step 1 - Preparing the box of the aprons and shields for recycling

You will need to place your lead aprons for recycling in a box or more, please note that each box must be up to 50 lbs.
Please note that the box(s) should not contain anything else but lead aprons or shields for recycling.
Weigh your box on an accurate scale

Step 2 - Fill out the schedule pick-up form

Please fill out the schedule pick-up form for lead aprons.
Click here to schedule the pick-up

Step 3 - Invoice

You will recive an email with an invoice with the fees per the prices above.
The invoice can be paid with a credit card online only.
Once paid you will recive an email with your labels to print out and put on the box(s) and a pick-up will be scheduled with the carrier. to pick-up the box(s)

B.W. Recycling, inc will provide you with a proper certificate of recycling.

Please note that if you have x-ray film for recycling we do not combine shipments of x-ray film with lead aprons, x-ray film must be picked-up separately.

Licensed and certified silver recyclers.
EPA ID #: FLD984167080
BBB accredited x-ray film recycling company with an A+ Rating

If you have Lead Aprons for recycling and you would like us to pick-up with a charge or you would like to mail it to us. read our privacy policy

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