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Dental foils recycling

We have been getting a lot of questions about the silver reclamation from dental foils, some people thinks that dental foils is made out of silver, and ask us about the silver recovery from dental foils.

It is very important to know that dental foils is placed in the dental x -ray film as a barrier to radiation, so radiation wont pass beneath the film. It also prevents scattering of the radiation and it is made out of lead, lead is known as toxic and has to be recycled properly since it is a danger to landfill.

Silver is usually reclaimed from x-ray films, lithographic film, industrial xrays and dental films.

B.W. Recycling, Inc offers a unique x ray recycling program that ensures your films safety from the moment it leaves your warehouse trough all of the silver reclamation process, you can be sure that your xrays as well as any other documents or envelopes with sensitive information will be destructed properly by choosing B.W. Recycling, Inc.

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