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Licensed and certified silver and x-ray film recyclers
EPA ID #: FLD984167080

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NDT Non-Destructive testing X-Ray film recycling & proper disposal

B.W. Recycling, Inc is purchasing all kinds of Non Destructive testing NDT X-Rays for recycling & silver recovery purposes, we pick up industrial x-ray film for recycling anywhere in the US.

We offer a free pick-up and pay you for the silver we recover from the industrial film. We take new, used, old, outdated or expired NDT film for recycling, exposed or un-exposed NDT or NDE film.

We also provide a certificate of destruction, so you can be sure that any sensitive information on the industrial X-ray film is permanently destroyed.

If you have any industrial film for recycling you would like to have disposed of, Please call 877-217-7020 and we will be glad to provide you with the best disposal solution and a price per lb we pay for the x-ray film.
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We can pick up the NDT film for recycling in normal boxes, original film boxes, on pallets, wood crates or 55 gal drums.

NDT film for recycling in 55-gallon drum NDT film for pallet NDT film for recycling wood crate

Non destructive testing x-rays recycling - Proudly serving all industries nationwide.

B.W. Recycling, Inc proudly serves all industries for over 15 years with our NDT film recycling program including:

  • Oil & Gas industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Construction industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Piping, pressure vessels, Defense and nuclear industry.
  • Electronic components industry NDT testings in printed circuit boards, ICs, and composite materials.

Non-destructive Testing industrial radiography film types for recycling.

We recycle all types of industrial radiographs including Non-destructive testing film (NDT), Non destructive examination film (NDE), Non-destructive evaluation NDE.
Kodak such as Industrex, Indux, Fomadux, Fujifilm, Agfa STRUCTURIX radiographic film all types D,F,

We recycle all sizes of NDT / NDE film including 2.4"X8", 4.5"X17", 8"X10", 12"X15", 10"X14, 14"X17"

Industrial film may be stored in boxes, rolls or just strip film such as on the photos below:

NDT industrial film recycling NDT film boxes for recycling

Undeveloped Industrial film recycling

B.W. Recycling, Inc also purchases undeveloped NDT film for recycling, such as green or any other color film. The undeveloped NDT film is a virgin film that has not been processed by the x-ray processor at all even if it was exposed.
We recycle undevloped film rolls or individual film in boxes.

Undeveloped Industrial film rolls for recycling Undeveloped Industrial film boxes for recycling Undeveloped Industrial x-ray film rolls for recycling

We recycle medical x-ray film lithographic x-ray film and all other types of x-ray film which contain silver for silver recovery.
Click here for a detailed list of all types of film we recycle.

Environmental- Your trusted Waste Disposal Service provider

B.W. Recycling, Inc meets all waste management regulations, we are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and in compliance with sustainability principles and responsible management for environmental matters.
All wastes transported to and from our faciliy is being disposed of in a managed, monitored and safe way. We generate almost 0 waste to landfill.
We are licensed and insured. When it comes to Environmental managment control, You can count on us when disposing of Industrial X-Ray film.

Detailed information for all states we serve:

Licensed and certified silver recyclers.
EPA ID #: FLD984167080
BBB accredited x-ray film recycling company with an A+ Rating

If you have any Industrial film for recycling and you would like a quote or more information, please fill out this quick form and we will contact you shortly.

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