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Why choose B.W. Recycling, Inc as my x-ray film recycling company?

Before we start looking into such an important question, let's understand what is medical X-Ray film recycling and what is the main purpose of it?

The main purpose of disposing of old medical x-rays is to ensure that you follow the privacy rule made by HIPAA, the (PHI) Protected Health information rule was made on Feb 20 2003.

What is PHI has to do with X-ray film?

For those who do not know, medical X-Ray films will usually contain a few types of information about the patient, administrative, physical, and technical patient's information such as name, age and of course if you look closely at the image in the film it also might tell about the current or previous medical condition of the patient, this is what HIPAA wants to protect the patients from, it is common sense today that all patients are entitled to their privacy, that is why the rule puts the responsibility on the physician to make sure the medical record is destructed along with all types of patients information on it, administrative, physical, and technical information.

The guidelines for disposal of x-ray film purged as the HIPAA rule states, is that proper care must be taken to destroy medical records and the destruction process must be secured, however facilities do have the choice between an on-site or an off-site destruction process and the type of destruction process needed, by giving the option to facility the rule actually puts a lot of responsibility for any facility that has to purge x-ray film and bring it to final destruction.

Another reason of recycling x-ray film.

Another reason for disposing of x-ray film besides clearing space is silver recovery. Facilities who has some amount of film usually would want to bring revenue from it in order to recover the film purging labor costs or anything else.

The x-rays do contain silver in various amounts, depending on the type of film. As of today (2023) when silver market price is at low-medium, it is pretty hard to actually make money off selling x-ray film for recycling, but there is still a value.

What makes B.W. Recycling a company to trust?

Experience with sensitive information materials.

B.W. Recycling, Inc is in the x-ray film recycling business for almost 30 years, during that period we have learned many ways of maximizing the destruction process of the medical information, the film is first shredded and then washed in order to recover the silver.

B.W. X-Ray Recycling service

The x-rays on the way to us.

It all starts on the pick-up, B.W. Recycling, Inc is responsible for the security of your x-rays with medical information from the moment it leaves your possession to the final destruction of the film, each box or palette is labeled individually, we have assigned a person which is the controller who tracks every shipment all the way to our facility and make sure nothing is lost, in fact in the past 3 years, we had only 3 exceptions when shipments was declared missing we have managed to track all of them and bring it safely to our facility.

Security at our recycling facility.

Once the shipment of x-ray film arrives at our facility it is scanned, weighed, a weight ticket is printed and also a few photos are taken. We give each box a unique number and every lot is numbered as well, it all sorted by type of film to ensure that the medical film is treated at the highest level of security.

Categories sorted:

  • Medical film in jackets.
  • Medical film out of jackets.
  • Other type of film.

The film is stored in a designated x-ray film room which access to it is only allowed to certain employees and very limited to other visitors, our x-ray film recycling facility is protected with not less than 20 security cameras which records 24/7 and monitored during all time of operation.

How am I sure I will get my cash back for the silver recovered from my xrays?

We have heard this questions so many times before, it is common sense, it is also common sense that we and all other companies will try to convince you how reliable we are, but would it really help? not sure.

Another way to try to prove a certain company is doing good business is to be accredited by some kind of an association for instance the BBB, B.W. Recycling, Inc is a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating, well which may give you a general idea to show we are in good standing with people we deal with but it still does not really tell you we are the best recycling company.

The only thing no one can argue with is facts. During the long period of our activity in the x-ray recycling business we have gained the trust of not less than thousands of customers, during the past years we had almost no issues with customers about any part of the film recycling process including the payment part and the little ones we had some we have resolved immediately. As our name is more important for us than dollars, we do believe that the customer is right, this is why we can offer you a list of people such as doctors, hospitals or just individuals in your area who have done business with us just recently, including contact information so you can actually call and ask how the recycling process went, we feel that this is actually the best way for you to be sure we anyone can be trusted!

More facts about B.W. Recycling, Inc.

  • B.W. Recycling, Inc is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency of Florida, ID FLD984167080 as certified recycler, click here to view our report.
  • B.W Recycling recycled more than 2,500,000 lbs in the last 3 years.
  • B.W. Recycling, Inc is buying all types of x-rays including medical, industrial NDT and Lithographic film, we offer free pick-up all over the US including Puerto Rico and Hawaii.


Licensed and certified silver recyclers.
EPA ID #: FLD984167080
BBB accredited x-ray film recycling company with an A+ Rating

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